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With MSR Group’s vast experience and knowledge, you can ‘tick’ as done:

  • Event concept and planning
  • Route planning
  • Mapping
  • Risk management, recovery and safety plans
  • Communications including remote Wi-Fi
  • Destination management
  • Equipment – tents, mobile bathrooms, kitchens etc
  • Catering
  • Vehicle transport
  • Detailing

Our experience is vast and our knowledge of roads and destinations transcends local and international borders. Examples of our event capabilities include:

On-Road and Race Circuit Test Drives

For automotive companies, getting journalists, customers and VIPs in the drivers’ seat of a vehicle is a non-negotiable part of new model introductions.

MSR is the recognised industry leader in planning and management of these events, with our work ethic demonstrated in our broad client (can you hyperlink to client page) base.

We have conducted hundreds of new model drive programs and along the way have sourced imaginative routes or activities in every capital city and many major rural locations.

Whether your new product is targeting urban dwellers, those in the country or performance vehicles, we can design and conduct a drive program to build a positive image for your vehicle.

And not all of our events have been about enthusiastic driving – we have run many low-speed events to promote low fuel consumption and other ‘green-biased’ initiatives.

Often our clients have asked us to run multiple events to cater for large numbers of customers or conduct a national roadshow with drive routes in every capital city and provincials like Albury, Newcastle etc. Only MSR has the national resources to undertake these sorts of events.

Off-Road Bush Driving

The iconic Australian Outback experience has an allure for both local residents and international guests.

Our bush tracks and destinations garner headlines throughout the automotive world, not only as tests of man and machine, but also for their brilliant visuals – photos and videos shot in Australia generate internet traffic and magazine sales like no other destination.

But the huge distances, rough terrain and dangerous wildlife mean you need expert support to ensure a pleasurable experience for guests and staff.

MSR has unequalled experience in conducting outback off-road, on-road and camping adventures for automotive industry VIPs.

Working with you and your technical team, our meticulous route planning will ensure your guests get the true “Aussie Outback” experience, while simultaneously enjoying the abilities of your vehicles. No matter what sort of vehicle you are promoting, we can design an outback drive experience to ensure positive feedback from all of your guests.

And our overnight campsites can be tailored according to your budget to provide suitable comfort for all guests, while still capturing the “night under the stars” experience.

Outback Reliability Testing and Engineering Verification

Automotive companies the world over recognise Australia’s outback roads and bush tracks as the perfect pre-launch test location for new vehicles – including data logging and extreme hot-weather testing.

MSR can provide secure, one-stop support for these vital programs which often run for two days, two weeks or two months.

We can ensure absolute privacy for top-secret prototype vehicles to/from the port of entry and 24/7 while on the road for the test program.

And our covered race car transporters can also be set-up as full mobile workshops

We work with all stakeholders to ascertain the desired protocols and outcomes and will tailor an individual program to meet those requirements.

During the program we can provide all support requirements – medical, risk management/safety, support vehicles, support aircraft and off-road rescue equipment (winches, ramps, air jacks etc).

We can source overnight hotel accommodation, workshops or even arrange mobile camping and vehicle service facilities.

Our services include:

  • Secure transport and storage of prototype vehicles to/from port of entry
    • Route planning/mapping
    • Test route support (manpower, vehicles, aircraft)
    • Accommodation and catering
    • Data Logging
    • Risk management/emergency medical support

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